The night is darkest before dawn, so I urge you to hold on—we are in this together.

Thinking of speaking to someone who has been through hell and back? Ready to claim that seemingly elusive change with someone you can trust? Let’s have that conversation.

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I am the author of an upcoming book

Revisiting my journey as the author of an upcoming book, I realized that the darkest times paved the way to an ideal life, ultimately producing a book of wisdom gained from experience. My speaking is about the process—what I did to get from “out of the darkness and into the light”.

What is your challenge? Do you wish to do a change in your current job situation? Do you have a dream you want to realise?

Some people prefer to be coached in a group, and that is smart because there is a lot to learn from the group and their experience. I am hosting a webinar!

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As a coach, I meet people who are not happy with their jobs. Others may have challenges in life they do not know how to deal with, while some have a dream they want to realize yet they have no idea where to start. Others think of trying, yet they are afraid to fail. Others believe about themselves they are not good enough to create the life of their dreams; they are worried what family and friends might think of them if they do.

While they are looking for someone to help them find the clarity they need to make a change, it can be difficult to pinpoint specific reasons for the situation they are in. This is where our conversation matters the most: I help women over 50 gain more self-confidence and boost their self- image, so they can live a fulfilled, happy and successful life on their terms.


“Your decisions create your destiny”

"[Marit is] good at asking challenging questions."

"You’re in very capable hands she’s a good listener!"

"Calm and collected, she definitely has a pleasant manner."

"I became more conscious and structured with my job and my goals after Marit’s coaching, thanks to her analytical, structured, yet light-hearted approach."

"After coaching with Marit, I managed to take control of my life."

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