About Marit Stormark

I am an NLP coach and an author. At the age of 58, I lost my job. This job was my lifestyle; I really loved this job.

However, after 18 fantastic years in this idyllic situation, I was relentlessly bullied. It never entered my mind that this could happen, not to me. Initially, I could not believe it really was happening. Why me? Why now?

After accepting these circumstances, I went through the toughest time I ever had in my life; I needed help to sort things out and to understand what had happened to me. My book is about how I managed to “return to life again”. Inspiration speaks a universal tongue: My experience can be of help to both women and men!

Let’s talk and together, we will see that there is a wonderful garden outside the fortress of pain and disappointment you have relentlessly built. Feeling awkward and doubtful that a complete stranger is willing to extend a helping hand? Fear no more—I was once on the same boat as you, and we can deliberately paddle our way towards redemption.

I urge you to give this a chance; blessings like this come few and far between.

"[Marit is] good at asking challenging questions."

"You’re in very capable hands she’s a good listener!"

"Calm and collected, she definitely has a pleasant manner."

"I became more conscious and structured with my job and my goals after Marit’s coaching, thanks to her analytical, structured, yet light-hearted approach."

"After coaching with Marit, I managed to take control of my life."